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King & Queen of the Mountain


The Bendigo Bank King & Queen of the Mountain Race is returning! 

This race will separate the King and Queen from their subjects as competitors run the

1.6km course carrying an 18kg sack.

You can carry your weighted sack on your shoulders, in your arms, on your back, any way you like. Just get it from the starting line to the finishing line as fast as you can.

The winners will hold the Crown for the coming year and will also receive a cash prize of $250

In 2020 Bendigo Bank is also giving a cash prize of $100 for the runners up. 


Are you the strongest of them all?

Register below!


Prince & Princess Of The Mountain


The Kinglake Country Fair is proud to announce a new event for 2020!

The Prince & Princess Of The Mountain Race.

It will see all participants run 800 metres carrying a 3kg sack.


The Prince & Princess winner will each receive a family pass from one of our generous sponsors - Funfields water park Whittlesea and O'Brien Icehouse. 

Come and have some good old fashion fun, challenge your mates and challenge yourselves. Definitely something to brag about on the playground the following week at school if you win!


One Armed Tradie

Are you a local tradie?

Enjoy carpentry?

Or do you have absolutely no building skills whatsoever?


To be honest, it really doesn’t matter because having one arm tied behind your back levels the playing field as you race to build our challenge project with minimal tools.

Please note: There will be no smoko breaks. 


The winner will receive a Cash prize of $150 thanks to our great sponsors at It's Personal Transformation Specialists!

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Cake Eating Competition

Have your cake and eat it too!


Just make sure you do it faster than anyone else to win.


This is about the only time it’s considered good manners to shovel your food in at warp speed.

Don’t leave any crumbs.


The winner of the kids cake eating will receive 4 x free admissions from our generous sponsor BOUNCE INC.

The winner of the adult cake eating will receive 2 x free admissions from our generous sponsor Hard Rock Rock Climbing!

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Cake Decorating

A competition to decorate a cake using icing

and sugar products.


Be creative, have fun and just try your best!

Cakes entered can be any size up to 28” x 28.

There will not be refrigeration available on the day. 

Entries are open to everyone, whether you are a novice

or an expert.

Entries can be made using fresh cakes, cereal bars or other, but as the Kinglake Country Fair is striving to be a sustainable event Styrofoam dummies are not allowed.

Cakes can be single tier or multi tier.

Prize $200


And all the fun of traditional Country Fair games